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Do you want your child to learn at their own pace, with individual attention?

In order to be able to enter the grammar school system in Buckinghamshire, children will need to sit the 11+ exam. This exam has changed dramatically in recent years, with examiners insisting that it is "tutor proof". However, the fact remains that although 80% of the exam is based on the national curriculum, the remaining 20% won't necessarily be. In addition, schools are not in a position to teach specifically towards this exam.

This leaves a gap in knowledge - and practice - that is filled by local tutors.

We always recommend visiting the classroom for a free assessment to see if what we offer - a small, fun, learning environment - is right for your child. Our aim is to have every child under our care be as fully prepared for the exam as is possible. This includes systematically learning every aspect of the 11+ as well as continual practice of the 11+ papers and learning new vocabulary every week

Because our classes are small we can tailor each and every lesson to each individual child. That means that if one needs help in one area and another in a different area, we can cover both in the class. We make children feel at ease, and we'll go over each part of the exam until your child becomes confident that they know what to do.

We give feedback at the end of every lesson, tailored to each child, as well as points for further study during the week.

At Pen and Ink Tuition our aim is help children and their parents reach their aspiration of going to a local grammar school.

If you'd like to find out more about the 11+ test please have a look at our FAQ page and our Blogs.


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