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Junior Preparation is a Maths and English course for Year 4.

Year 4 is a fantastic time to lay the groundwork for the increasingly demanding curriculums of Year 5 and Year 6.

It's also a great time to begin bitesize 11+ tuition to prepare children for the more intense tuition in Year 5.

Parents also bring their children to us because they trust us to plug any gaps that have been spotted in their Maths and English. There's nothing like getting up to speed on these subjects to help a child feel much more confident. Once they feel confident, they enjoy learning again. This confidence then spills over into their other subjects.

In fact, enjoying learning is what we're all about here at Pen and Ink Tuition. We only teach in groups of five, so that each child learns at his or her own pace, and we cater to their very individual needs. We also make each more fun.

If your child joins us in Year 4 each lesson will include Maths and English and we’ll be systematically building the blocks leading up to the 11+ Preparation course.

We cover the year 4 curriculum with the intention of improving mental maths, times tables, spelling, comprehension, and grammar skills. This then prepares the student for the 11+ course in year 5.

Children who start in year 4 are much better prepared for the 11+ course and quickly get to the right level to work in Year 5.

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